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Sensible Signs: The Emblematic Education of Post-Revolution Freemasonry DVD

Catalog #361272
DVD - runs 32:30 Sensible Signs: The Emblematic Education of Post-Revolution Freemasonry An illustrated lecture by Steven C. Bullock, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who suggests that Freemasonry was the unseen force that helped the Colonies become the United States. Watch the first TV release of these three non-Masons as they describe the Masonic influence in the early United States and in the design and construction of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Professor Curl sparked a lively difference of opinions at a U.S. Capitol Historical Society symposium. Len Travers describes the U.S. Capitol cornerstone ceremony on September 18, 1793 and the specific symbolism of the procession. It is a very interesting scholarly treatise of the Masonic symbols and their expected effect on the crowd that day. Steven Bullock broke new ground in his work about Freemasonrys influence in the colonies that became states. Bullock makes the point that Masonry was everywhere in the formative years of our country, including the United States Capitol Building. Bullock traces the Masonic Fraternity from its arrival in 1730 to its near destruction a century later.

Sensible Signs: The Emblematic Education of Post-Revolution Freemasonry DVD




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